Character model reset to default female a

Platform: PC

Description: New DLC content. Encountered new Runner type, and game crashed when one of them died.

Steps To Reproduce: Unknown, and dont even wont to try if all my other character models get reset also.

Images / Videos: -

Host or Client: Client, friend was host.

Players in your game: 2

Specifications: -

Only thing what i was doing is loading my character when got friend invite join to game. And i might have accepted invite during loading my character. So there might have been session change during loading solo to multiplayer.
This got the save file somehow corrupted or reset the character model to default female a. I have my inventory, and all item on all characters as is should be.

Scary thing is that there has been quite a lot save file corruption with this game, and if game itself can do that. Without the game having possibility to restore your characters from backup save.

Yes, we can ourselves backup the save files in PC platform. But what about console players who dont have ability to do this.
This game requires some security check for save files and create its own backups for these problems.

And i dont mind the model got changed, not the important thing for me in the game.