Character Outfit Showcase

Let’s see what your characters look like!

Show off your styles and outfits, and tell a little bit about the characters if you want to. :blush:

I’ll start with my 4 characters.
Not much to say about them, except that nr. 1 is a Vanguard and nr. 4 is a Marksman.
I’ve yet to decide the final skill builds for the remaining two.

(If you wonder how you can get nr. 1’s outfit, I’m afraid you’re 3,5 years too late. Radical Vanity was a bonus for pre-ordering the game.)

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This was pretty much my character from the time I washed up in Yttervik to the time I blew up the FNIX Cannon. Before I had Holberg’s keycard thing I used the silver dogtag, and I changed up the shirt and shoes a couple times. Otherwise though, this is the fella that I used through the whole story.

(Sorry for the crummy image)

After I completed all the mission challenges I gave him that FNIX exosuit outfit, but I kept his hair/glasses the way it is. Don’t have a photo of that though.

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Me,myselv & y…