Character Storage Solution

So I wanted to start completely new on a new character but can’t bc I still get all my loot from my 1st character so instead of buying the game completely new I think there should be a feature where there are different section in the storage bin for each character so that you can only deposit loot in your current character storage section but can withdraw loot from other characters storage bins

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True we can create new world with new character, but plundra contents follow us to these new worlds.
I agree that new world would also have empty storage plundra. And not connected to any other world save.
Only way to achieve clean start on game is backup or/and delete your save folder. Game creates new clean empty save file, with fresh world.

Doesn’t deleting all characters has the same result?

You can use one of the characters as a mule to empty your Plundra. I do this all the time since I’m a loot goblin that is creating a huge stock pile of resources for future use.

My setup is that I have three mules: one is for weapons, attachments and ammo, one is for resources like medkits, adrenaline shots, landmines, gasoline, compressed gas tanks and such, and the last is for materials like plastic, metal scrap, wood and all that stuff.

When my Plundra is getting full I exit to main menu and log in to my mules one by one and dump the loot in the corresponding character. Then I log back in with my main character to start gathering again.

I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with all the resources…but hey, it’s nice to have! I feel like the dragon Smauge in Lord of the rings…just sitting on top of my treasure. :grin:

No, unless those characters take everything out of the storage locker and recycle bind and then delete them.

Trouble with that method is you lose everything, clothing, stats, collectibles, skill levels and so on.

Before starting a new world or deleting any characters. Make sure all characters are empty, no weapons, gear, supplies and so on. Then use one to go to the recycle bind and take everything out of the recycle bind. The character will be to heavy to move, so exit to main menu and change to another character and do the same thing with the plundra, empty it completely. Again, that character will be to heavy to move so exit back to main menu. Now you can delete those two characters or just not use them, but your recycle bind and plundra are empty so when you start a new world all storage is empty. All your achievements, collectibles, apparel, blueprints, and schematics for crafting are still in the new world or old.

If you start the world in #2 slot, and your old world is in #1, then you can always go back to that world, bring in the two characters that are holding all your loot and fill the stations back up again.

There is guides out there how to disable steam sync and a backup your payer data to start fresh after you made your 4 characters and filled them with your loot. Used it to swap to clean characters playing from start with others.
Missions did act weird for me thoo, so it’s not a perfect solution.

It’s Not recommended to enable Steam sync with the new profile if you want to return to the old ones!

There is also guides how to totally wipe everything. So read them (all) carefully before doing any changes and start with the backup!

Not linking any of them here - It’s on your own responsibility to read and follow those guides!