Character total Restart ps4

HI First of I want to take this chance to say thank you for such amazing game I’m really enjoying it…
But the reason I’m doing this post is I was really disapointed to see you did not start the missions on making a new character I really don’t know why you did that I would love to have other characters and the missions starting all over again so I have one to play on my own and another to play with friends so I would be very happy to see this Happen…:grin:


i believe it was done this way to let you make characters with different skills to swap between based on different situations. i wish they would either separate the characters to different maps or allow you to have more than one save file with the same number of characters on each one. the main advantage to having them in the same world is that we can use them to store things but if they add a storage system we wouldn’t need to use them as mules.


That’s indeed why they did it. Sadly, they didn’t think that through very well though. Anyone who’s actually tried making a second character once their first toon is well advanced and in the more northern parts of the map will quickly realize that without missions available or relay beacons to destroy and the generous XP associated with them, it’s a grindy mess of finding robots in order to be able to level up. You basically wander around aimlessly trying to find robots to shoot with your extremely limited skillset. There’s really nothing fun about that at all.