Character/ World selection

Make it so that when I get invited into a game, I get the ability to pick a character, instead of having to make one through the path of a singleplayer world first. I would also recommend also showing the character creator/selection first instead of world options/ selection. That way you could select a character, then chose if you want to play offline, online with friends or online with MM.

The way that Terraria does it in essence

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Hmm? Before you start your map, you can already pick a map and character but it is nice for those of us, a good majority of us, like to just start the game and know that we are already using the best character for our game. Seems you want to have to pick that every time before you start the game. Which you can already. If you need to pick a different character because of an invite then it only takes a few clicks to change the character and if you are the host then also a few clicks to change.

Some of us just want to start the game where we left off and not have to do a lot of picking before we can play.

If you get an invitation to join a game and you follow it, no matter if from main menu or console dashboard, you’re immediatly thrown into the game with the last used character.

What if you have two characters, one for singleplayer/your own world and one for playing as a guest in a friends world.

You get the invitation, follow it, jump into the game with your singleplayer character, leave the game, select a world and the coop character and start your own game, quit, follow the invitation again and then finally you’re ready to play.

Because of that I appreciate the suggestion.

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It’s just a simple way that a lot of people use to manage worlds and characters. If Im starting a new game with a friend I’d rather not have to preload my singleplayer world with the appropriate character before I can join his. If you get invited on steam there isn’t a way to pick your character before your enter. That’s my main gripe.

The ability to pick the character first is just QoL that Is what I am used to using when it comes to terraria and I think for most games that use a character system like this

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I just guess that the devs didn’t think about that when introducing this feature. It’s quite young, so maybe someday they’ll improve it.

@SR_Carni are you aware of this?