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Hi all im trying to figure out what to bild on my 4e charter as im happy whit 2 of my old ones and the 3e is in need of some redoing to be what i was after.

First one is vangard full armor was an mistake as the gas one dosent give any thing as i have chemist also good dmg all in all and decent tankines works good for solo and to farm stuff whit enginer up to max exposiv perk use this one if you like explosives hand-grenade is realy good whit this one and mines and cars and ofc Grg is way better now.

second char marksman oriented and stealth feels good at range in groups can do the sneaky thing ok not placed the last 2 points yet as im not sure if im going for crutch movment full or trigger happy full or one point in etch as some times the long-range guns are not optimal (stealth needs a pass in next patch i think cose atm some times they spot me that is crouching and further away )

3 char is still in the pipe but so far i have put points in to carry capacity max and max sprint speed chemist lock picking and salvage one point. curently lvl 20 shold just take one evening to get to 31 or so but wher to put points?
i wana be of use for the group as i intended to use this for mp. spotter and designated target do they help the group alot? and flanking as im not sure last part of the spec is going to be enginer that im sure of cose i want those ticpods =)

4 char is going to be maxed out tank full healt and armor after i deleted it =)

if any one have any good tank builds or group builds pl post them

i have been doing the solo thing for to long and Mp is way more fun =)

My characters are all experiments with no rhyme or reason. First one’s Vanguard, max hp, max armor, anything that adds extra damage and steady feet (god bless that skill). Second one is still a WIP but I want her to be more useful in MP, so far she has the full Medic branch (resurrecting at 100% HP is great and the medkits do wonders with the extra healing perk), flanking (more noticeable after throwing a flare) and I’m very tempted to pick Spotter too and steady her aim as much as the remaining levels allow me. The thing is, I usually go solo so I have no idea how useful she really is for other players XD

I was curious about the explosive perk. I wasn’t sure how many explosives it covered outside of grenades and granatgevär ammo, does it apply to anything detonated by you (cars, landmines, gas tanks placed by other players…)?

what i found so far is that cars get a bigger radius and mines and grenades as well the dmg part i notice on the grg and mines and hand-grenades for sure i dont know if it effect cars but the area effect is well wort it but be warned as it will kill you faster as well if your to close =)

i have not tested other players placed stuff so far most ppl in mp use PVG 90 or granatgevär or they spray insane amount of bullets so im used to do the flanking part =)

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Interesting! I must definitely try it if I have enough spare points or put a pin on it for my next character, maybe that’s the incentive I need to try placing traps more often.

There is a whole dedicated topic about it: What is your skill build?

For example, my 2nd char is specced solely for MP support and you can take her skills as a guideline.

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ty so mutch i found what im looking for. im new to the forum and as you guys have tested stuff its faster then me lvling chars and deleting them as i try new stuff =)

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