Cheater In world

I encountered a cheater on lvl 10000, bottomless rocket, and 2000+ kills. Idk if the devs can ban him or something, but just pointing it out.

What did he do? Did he harm someone?

In another topic I learned, that cheating or using mods doesn’t affect other peoples files.

Lvl 10.000 must be cheated.
It’s like before they set this level cap from 31 to 10000 where “some” had a cheat or mod for all skills…

But what do you mean with “2000+ kills”?

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Who was he cheating? You, or himself maybe?


You forgot : “the game”

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Game seems to crash and have more glitches when players using some mods join a game. So it may not write to other player’s files, it does seem to effect game play of others. And with the game having so many other glitches when playing with others, who can say the mods also do not cause glitches and crashes.

When someone comes into a public co-op game using cheats and mods, who is to say what other things they are doing other than cheating themselves? They are already showing they are dishonest, should we wait till our steam account has been tampered with to say enough is enough? And how do you prove someone was using software in games to steal info from other players?

Sorry, but I see someone cheating and using a mod then I exit or I boot them before they can do damage. And they may not be thieves, but I know they are dishonest , should I wait and see if they will do harm too?

EDIT: Doesn’t take much of a search to see a few articles on how thieves use malware in mods and cheats to spread malware and viruses.

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I agree, I would never play with such an obvious cheater at all, too.