Chemist Perk Resurrection

The “Chemist” perk doesn’t seem be a cohesive choice for the players to learn in realistic terms. I mean seriously how do you learn in a split split second to be 10% more resistant to poisonous gas? What I would suggest to replace it is a one point skill that would grant you an immunity to gas so long as you have a gas mask variant equipped. What do you think?

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That would definitely be more useful than the way gas masks currently (don’t) work.

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It would also be relatively balanced since you can not see to well out of gas masks but the statistics are just to good pass up if you have the chemist perk.

well, when you say “in realistic terms”, being 10% more resistant in a split second makes more sense to me than becoming immune in a split second
I think immunity even with a mask is a bit much myself, at least for one point, maybe change it to an increase in resistance for the first point and a much larger increase for another

No, I said immune if you possess both the chemist perk requiring one skill point AND a gas mask variant at the expense of transparency of your player’s vision.

i know, i still think its a bit much, not saying i wouldn’t use it though

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When it comes to a real gas mask, as long as the filters are capable of capturing / neutralizing the toxins in the air and you have a good seal against your face, then a gas mask should provide you with 100% protection until the filter substrate becomes saturated and can no longer absorb / adsorb the toxins. If it’s not able to in the first place, then you’d be in exactly the same situation as if you didn’t have a gas mask at all. It either works completely, or it doesn’t work at all.

If there were multiple toxins - some it could filter and some it couldn’t - then it would offer partial protection.

I’d agree that having the skill attached to the ability to use a gas mask instead of that meaningless 10% gas resistance (can’t equip a gas mask without the skill) and give a high level of protection would be a good idea. Make it a necessity with a very high protection level and increase the lethality of gas all around. Want to go into a gas room? You die if you don’t have the mask. Simple as that. We’re already gimped by the poor visibility using the gas mask. At least this would make it worthwhile wearing.


but isn’t the gas in the game some new powerful gas? so it makes sense story wise for it not to work so well, it’s also getting on your skin so a mask won’t protect you there.

The point of a gas mask is to protect your respiratory system from becoming poisoned by covering the mouth and nose as well as soft tissue like your eyes but not your skin. You can look it up if you don’t believe me. “Purpose of gas masks”.

kind of what i said, the gas mask doesn’t protect your skin. gas still will hurt you no matter how strong your mask

I’m sure I said immunity for possessing both the perk so you can equip the gas mask and thus gain a gas resistance of 100% (immunity). If that not what I said I’m saying this now to try to be more transparent.

Yes you said that clearly and I understood from the start. But it doesn’t change my opinion. The setup you described would be a good specialization but to me it’s a little much for a one skill point purchase. It might be because gas doesn’t seem to be an unmanageable issue for me so far. I’m not trying to be argumentative, we just disagree on this

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Okay, I know now. Thank you.

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Simple add filters to gas mask

1 filter = 25% protection
2 filters = 50% protection
3 filters = 75% protection

Filters last the same amount of time

The current gasmask is more of a joke. There is no such gasmask that prevent only 10% percent of health damage for the gas kill is more of a none-or-all progress.

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