Choppy Distortion Noise

Greetings, I receive a loud static/distortion/feedback noise every few seconds most of the time when i play, specifically when running. I dont know how to record my gaming session, but its a loud static/distortion sound. I have already uninstalled/reinstalled the game, verified the integrity of the game files, updated windows and motherboard drivers and graphics card drivers as well. It is just this game, no other games or movies or programs have this issue.

Platform: PC

Description: See above, happens all over the map

Steps To Reproduce: Load a game start running, pray for your eardrums

Host or Client: Single Player

Specifications: Windows 10, i910850k, RTX 4090

Really at wits end here, it makes the game unplayable. I am running no other programs in the background, nor am i downloading anything. Sometimes its fine and others unbearable