Christmas event ideas

1 Christmas themed attire (Santa snowman and elf outfits for example)
2 ammo crates and boxes all take the appearence of Christmas presents
3 runners and hunters now run around with Santa hats
4 snow in all regions no matter if you just started the game or have been playing since launch
5 let me know your ideas


Ugly sweater and/or Santa hat would be top


Sounds totally ghastly. How about Donald Duck (or “Duck Guy”) attire? How about a toymaker’s workshop that produces ticks and other robots?


I like the idea of an inferno Workshop that we must destroy and that is protected by a small army :smiley:
Also some kind of apparel (not one that crashes the game though…)

What about a Santa sleigh which you use in some areas? It would be a small Easter egg…or in this case a small Christmas present :grinning:
(attention this could very likely create bugs)


All what you said Bronyboi great ideas , Tank’s have christmas lights , runners have some of them Antlers like reindeer :+1: ,

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And change the title music to Adolphson & Falk’s Mer Jul.

We’re all here for the parody right? None of yous are serious. /looks left and right

Edit: I wasn’t serious about a workshop, I was referencing Santa’s Workshop, and Clown of the Jungle…

You’ll be surprised :astonished: Just wait and the tanks will be dropping “nissehuer” (elf hats). Apparently everobody likes a circus :clown_face::roll_eyes:

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So if this really is the way GZs going, at least let’s do it right. I expect to meet a Apocalypse tank under the mistletoe for a good snuggling. Afterwards I’ll expect to do the city square Christmas tree with five runners while chanting “Silent Night” … GZ is short for GeeZuz!!! :roll_eyes::star2::christmas_tree:

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instead of rockets and clusterbombs , the tanks and hunters should fire out presents and lollies lol

In some of the house there is Christmas trees set up, but they’re guarded by ticks that want all the presents for themselves.

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Red light on runners noses.

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Leave the religion crap out of this. Let the game be non-religion.

If we’re to have silly christmas outfits, let’s keep it properly Swedish


You mean Christmas is religious :flushed::v::rofl:

Please don’t necro 4 year old threads, people.