Christmas Greetings to the Team


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the Team from the Forum!

To you guys that made all of this possible! Thanks for this marvellous game you’ve made, for listening to our feedback, for not listening to our feedback, and for being so cool about it! I had a look at my very first posting on this forum, and if I’ve just arrived today, I would still write the same thing. Keep on developing the story. Keep on expanding Östertörn. Keep on ironing out the bugs. And most of all - don’t mind us, when we get upset about something. In here we discuss. Sometimes very passionately. Because we love the game, and we all want to make it our own. But it is your creation and your responsibility to make sure, that it belongs to us all. So far I think you have done a very fine job. And I’m sure that we are all looking forward to what 2020 will bring.

Best wishes, and enjoy the Holidays!


Happy holidays from me too. :christmas_tree:


Thank you! We shall go about installing a mantelpiece in the office so we have something to put the beautiful card on. :smiley: Thanks for sticking with us for this GZ journey, and as you say, more great stuff to come in 2020 (and perhaps a little something before…:wink:)


Happy new year from my entire party ( we play alot together)

(and merry christmas!)

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You’re back then. Good hols? More coming up over Christmas, or nose to the grindstone working out them bugs?

Let me join in, folks. GENERATION ZERO is the most played game in 2019 personally. I guess that’s saying something, right?
Happy season’s greetings and may your christmas be as white as the slopes of Himfjäll. Minus the robots, that is. :slight_smile:


Best puns ever made by Argamae

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The team will be taking a break for the Christmas holidays, I’ll continue to be lurking around. :wink: