Church organ music


not sure if this is the right topic but eh its general stuff so move/delete if not allowed here.

But im doing random running around, stopped by a church, loaded up, ect. Stopped and played the organ cuz why not. One of the little tunes sounded oddly similar to the theme song of terminator 2:judgement day.

Lol is this just me? Either way i got a good kick out of it.


Sorry, I only play church bell… :slight_smile:


I thought it was the theme for the game :thinking:
Start from 0:29


Yeah it the main theme for the game. Many people have said it sounds similar to the terminator theme.


Hmmm, having seen all T movies, I do not see the similarities?

I guess, it’s me?


Devs took inspiration from Terminator films and GZ main theme is heavily influenced by Terminator 1 main theme. Some say that the both are almost the same.

Two examples;

Terminator 1 theme:
If you watch the video at playback speed of 1.25 then it sounds more similar to GZ theme.

And 2nd one as well with more beat:
Playback speed 1.0 and follow the blue notes to hear GZ theme in it.


You are right, if you sing it slowly and with " Terminator" in mind it does sound similar, just much more slower.


Church bell seems to have stopped ringing when you shoot it. It may be just me…


Last week, or the week afore, it worked?

Not that any machines came in, but the bell did ding?


I dunno - day before yesterday, went up and fired at it to attract trade, but not a sausage did I hear. Had to go down and stomp on the organ.


Dammit, now you make me go in game and I was watching a good movie. :frowning:


Xogger, you are obsessed! What are you doing looking at the forum, while trying to watch a movie???


Responding to you, DUH!!!


Okay! Can’t fault that… :thinking:


Yep, I has a DINGNGNGNGNGngngngn

Fnix gave you a bad bell!


Weeeeellll, perhaps it’s just the exp AG4. Did you try everything?


YOU test this, I are too busy watching a movie.
AND reply to you.




Rats! I thought I’d got you!


the church bells only chime if you fire at them from the “right” direction.
It feels like the wood construction that holds the bell actually blocks shots, even those going between the structural members…

But i´ll wait for @Xogroroth to verify this… :wink:


No, I hit the bell, it just didn’t ring, but I was hoping The Xogger would leave his film and do a whole test run. Talk about laugh! I’ll try again tonight.