Cinematic Questions from Neebs Gaming!

Hi there! We specialize in cinematic series in survival games on YouTube, and we are about to start a cinematic series in your world and was wanting to seek out some more info.

Do you have any guides on how to quick ways to turn the hud off, Breaking the camera from the player for shots or being able to mod skins or adding our logo or images in game (GTA-like), etc.

We’d appreciate any assistance as we are very excited to play in your world and make the best series we can!


There are a photo-mode and emotes you can use for it.

But adding graphics will not be possible as modding the game files is against the eula and there is no official mod support.

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On PS4 at least, I don’t think there’s anyway to turn off the HUD, and the only way to break the camera is through photo mode.

Unfortunately I can confirm there is no such functionality in the game. It’s 1st person only unless you’re on a bicycle in which case its a fixed distance orbital camera. Nvidia Ansel does not let you go free-cam either.

As it’s already been stated mod support is not supported and is against the EULA be it for cinematic purposes or actually cheating.

There is a photo mode however it is quite restricted as you can’t move around while using it.

Although all your problems could be fixed with mods, however it is something we have asked for years and it seems at least having permission to use mods without breaking EULA won’t happen at all.

I hope the developers be reasonable, having Neebs play this game could be massive for player base and publicity! I mean come on, this is a big channel playing the game without you having to spend a single coin on sponsorship money.
IGP and Icy don’t play the game much anymore as they’ve grown bored of it, so this is the perfect thing to get GZ a broad audience on YouTube.


While I’m a bit biased because I don’t love the game anymore, from a business standpoint this could be good advertising. The one thing I’m a little worried about is what if devs gave Neebs permission to use mods in their series. Maybe it wont have a big impact, but people could react negatively if a big famous channel got special treatment around the EULA just so they can advertise.

Sounds like an interesting project.

I’d contact the developers directly for youtuber video projects. Not much that can be done from the forums, unfortunately. We’re a tad limited in that aspect here.

Edit: Seems my summoning of a dev was successful. :pray:

Heyo! I love your channel, have been a fan for many years. I’ll bring this up with the team, we’ll be in touch soon!


Hey we appreciate you guys! We have been trying to find ways to get in contact with the devs - we’ve had pretty good relationships with the game devs we have worked with before, who gave us some sneaky workarounds so we could show off their game in the best light.

@SR_Carni - thanks so much! We’d love to work with you guys!

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I’ve sent you a DM about this!

Sorry for making this thread active again. But now that they released a video with no hud mod/free cam, does this mean we could get this officially? I mean it would kinda feel unfair if big YouTubers were allowed to use mods to advertise the game, and players being banned or punished for even thinking of using it. Would be pretty cool with no hud, considering it’s been asked for years now.


I just looked at the comments most people think the game is cool. The devs should do this more often.


I’ve seen the two first episodes and I enjoyed the way Neebs gaming made it comical and entertaining. :+1:


I’ll need to see these


The first episode reminded me of the beginning when my friend and I startet playing together. That was so exciting and so fun.

And Neeb gaming put that into a cinematic.
Well done!


It will be interesting to see how they progress, they have only scratched the surface so far


So Denny, did you like it?
Btw, I had a little celebration this week when I past the 3000 Hour mark. :partying_face:

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I did, I thought the episodes released so far were fun and enjoying to watch, great content and publicity for gz


This is what I get for taking a break and not reading stuff in the community.
Here’s what I would have said had I read this from the beginning and if you have seen the videos then you know that (retrospectively) I would have been right.
Dear devs,
If NeebsGaming starts asking for help to produce videos then it should definitely be on your radar and move some stuff up the priority list.
Look at what they did in Ark, 7 Days to Die… Hell, these guys are Battlefield Friends… They have gazed upon the true form of the Zephyr blade, Neebs himself ran a successful Wonder Broom business (and also something about a guy call Titanus)…
Help these guys produce content from the game, just do it.
A 12 year fan of all of their work.
(Seriously, the Immagetchu episode of D&A still makes me smile every time I watch it)