Civilförsvar (Civil Defence) uniform idea


I want to first write that it has been a while since I wrote something on the forum and played the game, so I can have missed some updates on clothing.

I have an idea for clothing (as it says in the title): Civilförsvars uniform (Civil Defence uniform).

Images from Röda Stjärnan (an surplus store here in Sweden):


Insignias on helmets and armbands:
(Source: Civilfö


Very nice find ! I think that would be a good addition to the clothing line up a real uniform.


So do I. I even own a civil defence uniform, only things that I am missing is the belt and the boots.


Made an example with ingame clothes. Sad that I don’t know how to change the skin on some clothes and bikes :pensive:


Apparently the link to Civilförsvaret is gone, fortunately I saved the image on my desktop :smile: