Claim control points or leave FNIX bases?

Topic. What do you guys do, and why? I tend not to claim control points, since I don’t really like the base building as such.

Would like to hear opinions on this.

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I partially agree.
I don’t like basebuilding as much, too.
Basebuilding and defending is very time consuming. But sometimes, if I take the time, it’s ok.

At least what I can say is, that I claimed the maximum number that’s possible, but at strategic important or just nice locations.
Strategic important, because in my world 1 the safehouses are deleted almost every time I start the game since Landfall-Update.

The resistance bases provide me at least some secured fast travel points with all the stations I need.

Additionally there are in total 14 locations that I don’t need to travel to if another fnix base spawns. In the past it helped a lot with the games performance.

Advice: claim them, but don’t build great bases, just some basic structures and the stations you wish to have there.

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I usually destroy the bases and leave it there.
I only need 1 base, (the Forest Main and original base)
But one day i might get one in another part of the map.


I personally claim control points just for
quick travel and resupply purposes. (Workbench, plundra)

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I destroy them as soon as they become a fnix base. I drop what I am doing to keep them from becoming stronger. I do not like base building, and it was not part of the game when I first started playing GZ. Good chance I would have never bought the game if I known it was going to change to a base building game. And, that is how much I do not like the addition of base building.

Before long, the game should have zombies, since that is also a popular request to be added. Which, I stopped playing COD because they added zombies.


I convert them if it’s handy to have a FT point between SH’s. Which is only a couple.
With the new exp Alg I level the walls then farm.

I have 3-4 bases in each region, because I think building is fun - and for the quick supplies and crafting etc. This still leaves room for plenty of FNIX bases, and a couple of my bases are built specifically for defense.

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I have the max bases allowed in each area. They are very basic and I always defend them on Easy level. I only do this for a little Uranium and cement.
All other control points are allowed to form into high level Fnix bases and I ignore them.

I do the same. But i destroy the FNIX bases. Sometimes early when they are small. Mostly they enhance their defenses. And i end up fighting max base level.

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I started doing base assaults on level 1 but if not fast enough they quickly went to level 2 then 3. At that point I left them alone particularly as if you went close they crashed the game. By the time the bug was fixed they were all level 3.

its because there is very specific robots attacking the base. im just waiting until they add sovie robots attacking our base.

I guess we’ll have to wait until they someday add control points in northcoast and marshlands for soviet bases.

They would additionally have to add a definition, which control point will get a chance (and the level of chance) to become a fnix or soviet base and the same for the descition if you have to defend against fnix or soviets.

I don’t think that there will be just more buttons to chose whether to start a base defense against fnix or soviets.

They ask some day in a survey what we think about factions and a value of region control with moving frontlines. Maybe that will be the day… Maybe and someday.

I have 1 base in each region. And I use them as fast travel and resupply points. I’ll run the odd base defense mission. But for the most part, I prefer assaulting FNIX bases than defending my own.

I like that base assaults or defenses are good ways to get region score up without having to circumvent too many rivals. Generally I pref assault as defense in most places is bad due to enemies basically spawning too closely, but hardmode spawns a lot of apoc tanks, good to farm ammo and items, so I sometimes run them.

I only have the first base. I like to let the bases become max defense, go in to kill a ton of bots for loot, kill their spawns, then destroy the base for the base beating loot. It helps with getting uranium quickly.

I don’t do any base building or control points or crafting. GZ is not fortnite or minecraft.
Guess I’m a GZ originalist - playing since the beginning of 2020, the earlier days.
Game hit its high point after Alpine Unrest, all other updates have been ‘meh’ in my opinion. GZ is about surviving, looting, ambush, running away, sneaking a potshot and hiding behind something, etc.
Started the game over before the last/last update where you can reset the game essentially, but don’t play as much as I did. The fun factor is gone in a way, really hope we get real content in a new island, missions, etc. These recent updates are kind of like a ‘fun size’ candy at Halloween, kind of forgetful - I want a jumbo Costco size serving!
I play this more as a ‘simulation’, if this were real [I know it’s not real] the tanks and harvesters would pulverize a structure/base/control point. So the whole concept to me seems like an addition, just because we can. Almost like the special editions of star wars, well I prefer the original theatrical releases.
So I guess just play GZ as you like.

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I do exactly the same in my game.

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I think that there are way to many control points. They clutter up the map and in combination with having to let rivals live in order to spawn a Reaper you soon can’t go anywhere. I claim certain bases just to get rid of the enemy building new ones.

But I do like designing my own bases but base defence is something I hardly ever do. I just build one and then let it collect dust.

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