Clearing the Path CTD

Platform: PC

Description: Game Crashed when starting the mission Clearing the Path. Game then repeatedly CTD 3 seconds upon starting the game with the same character, as the quest starts as I start the game.

Steps To Reproduce: Unknown how to reproduce. Steps taken before mission start: I obtained all the armor plates on the previous quest, then left vehicle bay doors open when attaching the plating to the truck. I talked to Calle in the truck, then the game CTD’d immediately.

Images / Videos: Unavailable

Host or Client: Solo play (Host)

Players in your game: None

Specifications: Graphics card: RTX 2060 SUPER with up to date driver (9/6/2022), Processor: Intel i7-10700 CPU 2.90GHz, RAM: 16GB

Additional Note My crash submission program when the game crashes does not send reports, giving an error. That prompted me to make this bug report.

Already known and has a thread about it. Heres a temp solution til its fixed.

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