Clearing the Path truck bug

Doing the mission Clearing the Path on a ps5 playing the ps4 version with one person. The first time doing the mission I hacked the Guteby Outpost and talked the Calle to proceed, but when I accidentally ran my bike into Calle’s truck it made it glitch out and get stuck in a wall, after reloading the save the truck would respawn back at the tunnels safehouse and proceed until the first checkpoint near the first roadblock and just stop there without proceeding any further whatsoever.

I’m assuming you have, but you did try to initiate the dialog at the check point again? Probably a stupid question on my part, just getting it out of the way for the folks who can help on the back end if it’s an issue there.

There is no dialog interaction point to go to. It is stuck on trying to tell me to follow the truck, but the truck just stops randomly in the street at the first checkpoint.

Are there any machines you have to destroy?
Stay close to the truck, otherwise it will stop moving.

If I remember right, at some point you need to talk to calle to make him drive on.

Somewhere here in the forum there already is a great thread about that mission. Maybe there is another solution for you inside.