Click not always registered in inventory


I tried to recycle a 1* Meusser, so I went to the recycling station, clicked on the weapon and pressed E twice. But to my astonishment the click (although clearly visible) was not registered on the item and I destroyed my 2* Meusser (fortunately I found another 2* Meusser in my Plundra).
This actually happens quite often for me that when I open the inventory or access one of the various stations or open a lootable container the first click is not registered. I don’t know why this happens but to me it seems that not the whole rectangle is listening to a click.

Steps To Reproduce:
Go to the recycling station or Plundra or a lootable container and click on an item.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client:
Both == solo

Players in your game:
Only Mats.

R5 2600, 16GB RAM, Game on PCIe NVMe SSD, Win10 64bit