Client crash when near Host player (specific situation)

Platform: Xbox One/Xbox Series X

Description: After Recon update, the Reaper that had spawned in the Farmland Region before the update moved to Himjfall Island. If my friend (as Client) goes to the island without me, there is no issue. If I (as host) travel to the island with him there, his game crashes out within several seconds. Likewise, if I go to the Himjfall (as host) and he then travels there, he crashes after several seconds. I, as host, do not crash or see any other issues. Note that we never come anywhere close to the Reaper or other major enemies on the island. It seems that after 15-30 seconds, his game just hard crashes if we are on the island at the same time.

If my friend hosts the game and I then join him as client and go to the Himjfall, there are no issues. The apparent difference is that there is no Reaper in his host game on the island.

If we go other places on the main islands (i.e. not Himjfall), there is no crash in either game as client, host, or solo.

Steps To Reproduce: Go to Himjfall Island as host with a client player there and a Reaper on the island.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: Client crashes. No issues as host.

Players in your game: 2

Specifications: My console is an Xbox Series X. His console is an original Xbox One.