Client level slow

Noticed yesterday when we played that the host level up faster than clients. We all started the game fresh from the beginning. He Who was Host most of the session got 21000 exp. The clients between 7000-11000. Seems odd but maybe it’s supposed to be like that now? We have all played the game before so we are equal in playing skills.

All the XP is not shared by equal amounts. Everyone gets little bit different amount from combat. Then host might have taken the skill which gives XP bonus from missions.

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No one had that skill. We all started with new characters from the beginning. So the difference shouldn’t be that big. Today when we played everybody got more or less the same amount of xp. Minor difference of course. But the time mentioned above the difference was big. Three times more xp for the host compared to the Client with the lowest. And about twice as much as the best Client