Clipping and Flying


System PS4

I have noticed since the August update that the machines do multiple clipping action om buildings (doesn’t mater what type), at you. To the point where they will actually pass through the walls. They don’t do this will the bunkers thought. As for the Ticks just saw this today, a few of them jumped on air to get into a open window. Reminds me of the old 70"s martial arts movies

Get a mobs attention, run back with it in tow to a house or barn. and wallah
. seekers and hunters do this the most. have had the Tank do it also but not much. As for where just pick a spot Ticks, i’m going to try after another reinstall .

No host or client just myself!


I don’t let this glitching or clipping bother me. Most of the houses are built of timber and these machines would be able, in reality, to smash through them, so I ignore it on the assumption they are punching holes in the walls.

I would love it if later down the road the devs would make animations for the tanks and harvester to stomp cars flat and even smash through the smaller buildings. It feels a bit strange to hide in a wooden shed and fight off 4 or 5 hunters when the building is only as thick as a garden fence.


I actually miss the extensive clipping through walls, made it more intense and exiting. The feeling of no such thing as a safe place…always vulnerable.
And I agree with @saddletank a bunch of Fnix hunters or a tank/harvester should pulverize a shed and even a barn or a house.


I hadn’t seen harvesters and tanks clipping through buildings in a long time. In the last one or two weeks though, it’s popped up several times. Did last update make things worse?


hello. X-Box 1 player, here. yes, this issue seems most prominent with Hunters and all barn type buildings. I was playing solo just now and had three Hunters basically teleport inside of the barn I was holed up in lol.

also frequently happens with dogs and the lower portion of any lighthouse!