Clothes schematic

I have 109 crafting schematics and i missing 19 or more, how do i get them?
The game stopped to give new schematics, so way have it stopped?
I use to get it from rivals but not anymore.
It turns out that for each update there is something else that does not work, in the worst case you have to reinstall the game.

Crafting schematics are all available in base game.

There is a full list in the forum

Clothing schematics are available from machines. There are 138, and still obtainable.

I do not get any Clothing schematics anymore, i killed 60+ rivals and got 0 Clothing schematics and that wass before the last update. so its not working anymore

How do i get this i am missing? i can not get them or finde them.
Missing only Clothing schematics. .

Well I actually picked up a duplicate set of 4c Fireproof shoes just now - so I’m not convinced it’s bugged on Xbox.

Extremely low - yes, in comparison to February update, hard to say. What I can offer you is my route map if you want it, that took March machine spawn into account.

Also factor in the US Weapons DLC if you have that, experimentals after level 25 all in the loot pool.

Best outcome I got from one run was 6 schematics with 2 duplicates.

Worst was obviously nothing, and from memory it was 1 / 2 runs out of 10

Well i hope they fix that problem, thx anyway :slight_smile:

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