Clothes trophie


Why hasn’t the trophie popped, I have 201 pieces of clothing, and if your meant to be fixing this trophie, how I’m I going to get it, I will not put anymore hours in to this game if I have to restart from the beginning


There are already several threads about this, the achievements will be fixed when it can be prioritised. I don’t think you need to restart your save for it, though. Just give it some time.


I think a locked thread with known issues soon to come fixes is needed.
That way you can Copy/paste people a link and Lock threads like this ASAP, would save your guy’s sanity.


I semi-agree with you on that, but other than that there isn’t much replayability for achievement hunters like myself whether or not the game is open world or not, it’s all the same to me.


I asked for a similar thing and was told that they do not have enough people for it.Bug reporting feedback