Clothing anomalies


You know that moment when you are looting a place and all of the sudden you find a pink skirt that says that it reduces bullet damage? Some of the upgrades these thing give are just awkward. A bright pink shirt that reduces sight? Shoes that prevent fire damage?


I am also curious as to what direction the clothes and their abilities will have in the future… I don’t think right now that any of the items abilities work, such as damage for fire resistance. Gas masks seem to not help out with the gas areas in bunkers either.


I don’t think there working right now.
In the loot window it will show half a bar to a resistance, but when you look at it in your actual inventory window the bar is empty.


I’d like to see the items that give stats moved to another layer, like underwear or a complete abstraction so we don’t see them physically. This would allow us to customize both our look and our stats to our liking without compromise.


The apparel system doesn’t nicely or succinctly present the information a player needs to make an informed choice regarding wearables

It needs to clearly tell you want you would gain/loose from a swap, and it needs to display (somewhere) your total clothing stats from everything you have equipped.


Good points. Also, all clothes should have stats. Now you have to dress up for a freakin’ carnival in order to gain protection! The game should not lead you toward a certain style, or discourage you from choosing your own. I like denim and black/brown leather, and none of those clothes have any stats, only the fruity colored ones! :partying_face: