Clothing Bonuses and some ?!

, there is no IMPACT RESISTANCE or MOVEMENT SPEED add-on, I’m not able to add these things to the clothes I wear

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we’re are the Schematics 4 these add-ons

And also no gas resistance…
There are only 7 types so far, maybe the other 3 have yet to come.

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If you wear a gas mask, you get gas resistance.
What could be meant with Impact resistance?

There is a schematic for padded shoes which gives you fall resistance (for padding impact damage if you fall) , but that’s listed, too. :man_shrugging:

Either you’re right, Gysbert, or it’s an accidentle (inactive?) doubled entry with different names.

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The impact is for the melee attacks like the runners or the tanks even the tick. It’s so you don’t take a lot of damage and fall over as easily

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the is no impact schematics or impact upgrade, there is just some cloths when picked up might have 1% already installed on there, just a warning :warning: if you overwrite the 1% with another clothing upgrade, u will lost the 1% forever on that clothing item

1% is almost nothing.
Isn’t there a skill that increases this impact resistance?

Does anyone have it and can show its values on that screen?