Clothing + bonuses that actually make sense

Helmets should ALL increase bullet resistance. Camoflage clothing should ALL reduce visibility. Soft or fur clothing should ALL reduce noise. Athletic clothing should ALL increase manueverability.

It’s a good start the way it is, but I think there is a lot more sensical things that could be done with the system.


Fully agree with previous post.Also,need to add in game warm clothes and more Swedish army uniform.


Also,bulletproof vests will be very useful (add armor parameters or increase health parameters).Combat vests,war belts with ammo pouches should increase your inventory capacity.

That top picture of the hip-firing soldier is fantastic! He even has a box of snus in his pocket. :smile:

When it comes to clothing stats, I sincerely think no clothes should have stats at all.
I understand why you’re suggesting what you do, but I want to be able to change my clothing style into just what I want. If some few items offer extra protection, you’re indirectly forced into using them, and then what’s the point of having 2-300 pieces of schweet 80’s clothing? :wink:

Bullet protection or not, dying from 15 bullets or from 20 bullets are both equally unrealistic. :dizzy_face:

I think I would be pretty dead.


I would like to see bonus stats on the fnix clothing you get from the resistance challenges because you have to kill a lot of bots to get this gear so maybe something like the runners boots gives you an extra 10% running speed and the goggles gives you all the optic vision or something along those ideas, just a thought as these are special clothing.

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You can walk around in blue jeans,red polo,leather jacket with pink shoes and combat vest :joy:look on modern rebels;))add extra items will increase survival feelings and game will be more realistic.