Clothing Change Please

Since this will become more apparent after the generous gift being given to us after the Hunter event.

After the event we are to be getting some snazzy new cloths for our survivor. I would consider clothing in this game to be purely cosmetic. So in light of that, I propose some possible changes.

  1. Please remove all stat modifying effects from the clothing.

  2. Normalize Machine damage to take into account that we do not have stat boosts any longer. (tone it down)

  3. Gas masks either work 100 percent, or they dont work at all. If you want them to not work at all, then remove all gas attacks and remove the vision impairment that it causes. If you do want them to be in the game, then the vision restriction is enough of a disadvantage that more than makes up for if it worked at 100 percent blocking of gas damage.

Keep the clothing cool and make it a design choice. Maybe work on some more ways to allow the survivor to see their cool threads in game.

A full on third person mode would be no good for this game. But maybe use the new photo system to allow selfies with posing and emotes for your character. For all I know it does now, but I havent played around with it enough to find out for sure.


i don’t think gas masks need to offer 100% protection but way more than they currently do

yes, i hope the camera mode gets some future upgrades, trying to take a pic of your self is tricky at times to get a good angle.

Well they should be 100%. If a gas mask fails, then you die. There is no measure of protection in a percentage. Either a gas mask works and you dont die, or it doesnt work and you will die.

You cant kind of die when dealing with weaponized gas. If you miraculously survive, your lungs are generally scared and you are perminantly disabled for the rest of your shortened life.


Gas mask only helps you breathe in gas. Doesn’t protect your skin so some damage should be expected.
That’s why I said not 100%

If there is a gas that damages skin in this game, then it would be equally as corrosive to the machines rubber and plastic components.

It would also leave you in the same boat. The survivor is constantly asked to deal with the gas over and over again in the game. Eventually the damage it causes your skin will be permanent cause infection and kill you.

If we are willing to suspend disbelief that repeated exposure to toxic and corrosive mystery gas is not a big deal, then we can suspend it further and make gas masks work. This is also known as video game logic not RL logic. Right now we can carry several hundred pounds of gear on our back at a full sprint while fighting robots. I think they can continue with the video game logic and make the gas masks work.

i see your point but gas does do damage to machines, i was running through gas in a bunker to get the power back on, runners were down there trying to get me but instead of switching to my gun to fight back i kept running and popping health packs. and they died before i found the switch.

hm. I have never seen that happen myself. I will have to try again and see if it does harm them. I know that runners can hurt themselves if they jump at a wall really hard.

There must be tests I will attempt.

Thanks for the info.

gas killing a runner

awesome, Thank you. I could not get one of those suckers to follow me into the Gas. So I am now wondering what Gas it is they are using in this game? Whatever it is, it would have violate some of the terms of the Geneva Convention. Is there something sneaky going on in Sweden in the 80s that we dont know about?

Still, I think video game logic would be better used with the gas masks. Having 2 penalties for the use an object that esentially only protects you by reducing damage by 10% or less. I honestly never bother with the mask any longer, I survive in the gas the same amount of time if I wear it or not.