Clothing; is it cumulative?


I know it’s been reported that there’s missing stats but does anyone know how the clothing is supposed to work?

Are you to select specific items that give you that extra protection?

Or do all of those positive aspects (visibility, jumping, protection from fire, etc) just keep adding up giving your character a cumulative protection?

Whatever is going on with the programming; the hoarding of clothing and no clear description of how, and what clothes (which properties disappear) is frustrating.


You only had 3 (if I remember correctly) item categories that gave you resistance - jacket, pants and boots. The rest of the clothing had no effect. Now only the boots are listed as having an effect, but I’m not even really convinced they do anything.

As far as I could tell (this is definitely a subjective observation on my part), the 3 items were cumulative. If you went all bullet resistance (what I ultimately did), you’d be reasonably hardened to bullets. I tried combinations of stealth, explosion and bullet, and that decreased my bullet resistance quite a bit, causing me to go back. Most of the attacks we take are from bullets, so that made most sense to me.

When I really noticed just how much protection clothing offered was after the 1.03 patch that broke the clothing system. At that point, I was getting shredded and killed by groups of runners that I would normally be able to tank and fight off without issue. After that I had to readjust my play style to accommodate for being far more squishy than I was with protection.


How do you know what pants etc, give you protective quality? I know they show you when you take them–but if you go into clothing, pants and shirts don’t display any identification.


You don’t right now. The whole system is broken.

If you want to see how it works, go into your clothing selection and scroll through your footwear. Items that offer protection will list what protective value they have. Although I really don’t think that we’re actually getting any benefit out of the stats on footwear at all, even though it shows us stats.