Clothing item suggestions


Okay im going to list a few clothing items and I REALLY hope the devs enter them cause that would be amazing. Okay first off master cheif armor would be EPIC i would love that also the second one is an andy taylor sheriff outfit.


Remember this is late 80s Sweden so neither of those things exist in the game world. I fell foul of this way of thinking when I suggested a quad bike as a drivable vehicle - they didn’t exist in the 80s either!

I imagine the devs want to keep the game rooted firmly in 80s Sweden. You could ask for some “fake” armour from an 80s SF film or TV show which would be a kind of “dress up” thing since cosplay didn’t actually exist as a thing at this time.


I want a Commander König uniform from Space 1999!!! And I want his Stun Gun too!!! No I don’t, just kidding :wink: If we should be true to the games setting, I guess that fancy clothes would be of little importance for our protagonist(s). But of course there is a bit of fun to it when doing team play. I know that this is not clothing, but I would really, really love a skateboard. And that is 80’s! :skateboard:


Actually, joking aside a skateboard is a very good suggestion for alternative transport after the bike.


Well it wouldent hurt the devs to add something thats not from the time period in the game also it was just a hope I doubt they will add either of the costumes


There are easter eggs in the game. A flying Volvo Delorean is not that realistic but tonnes of fun, and a refreshing WTF(!!?!) moment when you stumble upon it after a fight with hunters. I endorse that very much. So, to be fair, a short narrative by Cortana in a bunker console, or even a Master Chief suite as a very well hidden and hard to obtain easter egg could be fun. But I would hate to see GZ turn into a Klondike of references to things that basically has nothing to do in the imaginary world of eighties Östertörn.


Yes this would be epic