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Hello! I have been playing GZ since release and i love the game to this day and i love collecting items such as clothing items or collectables, but the police uniform is missing a light blue shirt and matching pants for the uniform, i looked for around 2 years for the rest of the items, but figured out later that the clothing items isnt in game and it kinda brought me down alittle knowing i have a outfit i can never fully complete. The military uniform has everything matching and everything else do, but the police uniform is missing matching pants and the light blue shirt. Its not a large request but i would love to see the 2 items added to the game so i can complete the set. Would mean alot!

Yes, there is indeed just a hat and a uniform.
But you’re free to combine it with any trousers that fit.

the ( Shirt & Tie ) is also part of the police uniform set, it’s dress code 4 police to were a tie under there uniforms, :necktie: its also a drop from apocalypse machines

Yeah thats true, there is a shirt and tie but they didnt add in the actuall lightblue one for the uniform for some reason.

That’s not part of the police uniform set, therefore no reason to make it fit the uniform.

Its just very strange that they only decided to add the hat and uniform while the military outfits and alot else has everything matching :confused:

it drops with the police hats & uniform, it must be part of the dress code requirement

in 1989 police officers where required to were a tie under there uniforms, that’s why it drops with the uniforms & hat

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Although the “Shirt with Tie” is not called Police Shirt with Tie, it does fit the uniform of the Police bodies we find in the game, who all are wearing a Shirt with Tie. I added that Item to the Police Outfit listing.

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