Clothing resistace is not working on ps4


I do not know if anyone else have this problem but on ps4 any apparel resistance is not working


The only one that works is gas mask.


Every platform is the same as OLO say’s , only the gas mask is stats applied too, there are plans by the dev’s according to Live stream before Christmas to re-do the stat’s on clothing or something similar , im sure they have something big planned from the subtle hints every stream , Aye and welcome to the forum @Aaltonen99 :+1: >> Edit >> They used to work but not fully when the game first came out - but after watching @Xezr recent video ‘’ under this post is Xezr’s Video ‘’ i can now safely say No Stats for now , :upside_down_face::+1:


No, it doesn’t. I checked the other day and it’s still the same. Your health ticks down at the same pace regardless if you have it equipped or not.


If I wear a gas mask, my health goes down one point per second. If I don’t have a gasmask, it goes down at two points a second. Sorry about yours!


Yes, but have you invested in the Chemist perk?


Here is a short video.

I have the chemist perk.


Well there it is the proof that being a chemist and a gas mask wearing character is as much use as a chocolate tea pot , :rofl: Thanks @0L0 for the proof :+1:


I also have the chemist perk and it no longer works, since the Alpine Unrest the gas mask does not work at all.


The gas mask for me is more of a gimmick than for any actual use since the gas areas in the current game aren’t that deadly as they used to be. Back in the old days, worst gassed area i found dropped 20 HP per second. Now, it’s 1-3 HP per second max.

As far as the other clothing resistance goes, i haven’t seen any difference since launch day. In the early days, there could’ve been some difference but if there was any, it was so little that i didn’t notice it.


No, I tried it out on my level 0 Hardcore characterm in the first base I came to, which was Saltholman…


In one of the latest dev streams, it was asked about clothing resistance. Devs answer is at 00:31:07,