Clothing schematics

So i have a few of the clothing schematics now but i can only craft the 1 crown ones. When i try to craft one with 3 crowns it says i need the 2 crown one. or if i try and craft a 4 crown one it says i need a 3 crown one, etc etc. why does it do this?

Ive managed to upgrade a piece of clothing to LVL3.
But i had to first “install” lvl1, then i could install lvl2 and so on.
So you cant install LVL3 from scratch, you gotta install the LVL1 and LVL2 first.

And that means you need all the lower levels for that schematic type.

I dont know why they chose this route, but i would guess that its because it adds a level of dificoulty.

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All level 1, and level 2 schematics are available in base game.

You need the previous level schematic in order to upgrade through the tiers.

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thank you, makes sense now

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