Clothing stats confusing!


When you highlight clothing with the + symbol on them they show that the buff is about half way along the bar, but when you actually go into your profile and then highlight the same item it only shows a very small amount on the bar and not half way like it does before you pick the item up. So how exactly does this work, do you get a lot of buff or not much at all, or is it additive so the more items with the same buff gives you more. So very confused with it all.


This was asked many, many times, without a definite answer.

I suggested something like this in April: Clothing buffs question and one suggestion
…but I think that developers are not interested in improving this feature.


i don’t even think the developers can agree on how clothing is supposed to work. they also say we shouldn’t be getting duplicate clothing items and that happens


Personally, I think stats on clothing need to go away. They don’t make much sense, and it feels odd from a gameplay perspective to have to rely on protective stats from certain clothing that you may not find for a long time. On top of that, being forced to choose between better stats, or uglier outfits. Better to have stat changes from perks, and keep clothes cosmetic only.


I’d argue that there are a few odd cases that do indeed make sense in terms of stats:

  • Gas masks (although the reduced visibility here feels way overdone IMO).
  • Slight fall damage reduction on certain shoes.
  • Noise reduction on some clothes.
  • Visibility reduction on some clothes.

Honestly though, beyond that, yeah, it seems really weird to have, for example, a t-shirt make you a bit more bullet-proof.


YES! Remove the clothing stats completely. Let us create our perfect 80’s avatar, without the worry of missing out on some random stats gnawing in the back of our heads.