Cloud save problem when switching from PC to pc laptop

I experience bad cloud saves (none!) when I use my other computer (gaming laptop). It works well when I only use my stationary computer, but even if my laptop Steam has cloud saves activated, it always writes a brand new cloud save on top of my “real save” from the stationary PC. When I next start GZ on the stationary, the save is totally gone.
I had a folder save so I didn’t have to start over totally, but I lost a few months of progress when I first tried to use my brand new laptop.

I would like to use both computers “as one” when playing Generation Zero! Is that possible?


So, every time you start GZ on your Laptop, a new file is created and overwrites the one you had in you stationary PC?
And the other way works (playing on stationary PC and continuing on Laptop)?

Maybe this article from Generation Zero Support Page could help.

I had the same problem when i installed GZ on a laptop this summer. When the game was installed i did not get the cload save so i just tried to start a new world and that wiped the save on my main computer.
Unfortunately i did not have any kind of back up on my saves so i had to start over after a couple hundred hours.

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I was under the impression that cloud save was the solution for opening the game at several locations (computers) using the same save … and I haven’t noticed problems like this in any other game I play.