Co-Op issues around mission challenge completion

Playing on PC (Steam) via GeForce Now
Challenges around mission completion for the client are not recognised. I have co-oped the game with my wife starting together and now in the position where i (always the client) cant complete the challenge as it is saying only 2/3 missions completed in that zone. On the map and log no missions are available TO complete. My wife (always the Host) has the same log and map but is showing the challenge as complete and rewards earned. On checking other mission completion challenges progress is not being given to the client all the time (sometimes it does) when the host and client co-op a mission. NGL this is a game breaking bug from my (the clients) pov.

Mission progress isn’t shared between players since we have more than just one world. It’s (in general) just saved for the host.

A known issue for long time now.