Collectable issue

hi hellmatic here i have a very painful collectable that no one can access or get if they can’t get due to destroyed building, and blocked and barred at least change location of the collectable or be able to collect it, the location is the yellow building at Averholm Manor unsure what type it is but no one can collect it and even remove it, please fix this so we can continue to find and complete all collectables thanks hellmatic and players

Hey, could you provide a screenshot of this location?

Averholm Manor had a glitched collectable that registered there - but was not part of the collectables log tally.

Co ordinates of the location you can see one would be good, as I can check it pre update on Xbox

The coordinates are 89.921, -2159.064 if I’m reading the map correctly; it’s Southeast of the safehouse in the Farmlands Northeast from Sorken Command Bunker. The collectable on the dining table can be picked up by crouching by the green chair on the same side as the collectible.

i’ll try and get a pic of it, it’s a yellow building all borded up even if it’s not part of the tally if still like to be able to collect it, so i don’t see 0/1 all the time

There is a side door in which u can enter from to get the collectible.

there is no way to get in they have sealed it left to right front to back

I take it that this is the building that you are referring too?

Here is the first entry point.

Here is the second entry point.

doesn’t go all the way through and yes that building

It does go all the way through to the collectible as I haven’t picked up the collectible before today.

apparently where the collectable is the first picture u uploaded it’s on the right under the blue and white shade thing on a table inside right in that corner where u can’t access, due to it’s blocked off one way and blocked off in the building that half burnt and fell in front of it

The collectible should be right by the candle, but I’ve already picked it up earlier today.

It looks like 2 different buildings that could be mistaking for 1 building completely.

well it’s not there for me on that table and i haven’t collected anything in this location at all so idk what the hell is going on,

i’ve got a collectable i haven’t collected and nothing to collect idk what else to do

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Hi Mate , wasnt off topic Radiant_Flames is trying to help me and others solve this problem, if it was off topic i would have put it there anyway have a great day mate

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