Collectables are too hard to find - I'm out now

I really like this game, but the longer I play it the more angry I become. I noticed that I really start to hate this game and I think it won’t take very long anymore until I will delete it and kick the DVD into the trash.

It is really quite hard and annoying to check out every house and place just to find the collectables. I did spend hours to get all the trophies but I won’t be able to get them all. I just can’t find the collectables. It is really frustrating and as I already said - it is driving me really angry.

Why multiple trophies for this ? No hints, plenty of same looking places - which are a challenge in itself - to look for the collectables and no chance to get a hint. I really hate the information that there is a collectable somewhere in this area. And I won’t spend any time anymore on a game where it is by design not possible to get all trophies.

Other games do offer a solution book to get the last things done, but for this game nothing is available and I think I know the reason - it is just too difficult.

Same with the tanks - half of the ammunition is gone and at some places there are so many of them. To play the game should be fun, but for me this isn’t it anymore.

I’m very disappointed and in the future I will stay with the big players :frowning:


You can go on YouTube and there are a few people that show you where the collectibles are. Took me 1 hour to grab them using prior open safe houses. I use my dumb iPhone XR. Most of the trophies can be easily done with people. I did all mine solo. But I took a month off after a few weeks it was launched cause I had the bug where I could not pass the first bridge even on restart and not playing before it’s fully loaded but when I got back a number of people had good tips and tricks to the trophy list.

If you don’t have many safe houses you can also jump online to a random and see if they have those region safe houses unlocked.

We each have a thread of patience differ from one to another but yours I have to say is kinda funny. It almost sounds like it’s a pet peeve that if a trophy isn’t working well for you you go full melt down.

Mine is if a game blue screens a lot I almost want to rip my controller in half lol. All in all I like the game so issues like these won’t deter me. I hope things work out for you and you see a greener pasture side to this ip.

I don’t understand. You think this entire game is bad because you can’t find collectables? The whole point of the collectables is to make you search for them. And there are several kinds. Tapes, Gnomes, Dalahästar and lastly Machine Blueprints.

I know of very few games that actually tell you where their collectables are, but for the sake of completionists there’s probably several guides out by now that you can use.

Lastly, Tanks are meant to be difficult. There are some really good topics in this forum about how you deal with them, and most of our Regular forum members can surely give you tips on how to do that as well. You can also play the game in co-op.

Generation Zero is quite old-school compared to modern games. There’s minimal handholding, and you’re expected to plan ahead on the encounters you make and adapt accordingly.

If that’s not your cup of tea, that’s a shame. Because there’s a good game underneath it, made by developers who care about their community.


I have all the collectables I got all all but a couple of each type of collectable from regular game play and ended up using a guide to get the last couple of items, as I had finished the story line and needed to do something more than hunt Tanks and wait for updates.

Only a couple of the collectables were what I would say were in obscure places and are fairly so obvious even I could notice them and part of the problem is not to overthink their potential locations.

There are a couple of items on the dashboards of cars and they can be hard to see (I missed a couple of those and needed a hint)

BTW I only got the Gardener achievement (so still want Tourist, DJ and Engineer achievements credited)

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Your just not looking in the right places. This map is huge and the collectables well hidden.

You don’t need to collect all collectibles…

nothing is available?
have you tried

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@kakarron Thank you so very much for that link! This is great…