Collectibles bug

I am having spawn issues with the gnomes, horses, and mixtapes. It appears to be tied to having an older save file. I am trying to platinum the game on PS4 and this makes it impossible.

As far as I can figure I either gathered the item in a previous session and did not fast travel to a safe house before exiting, or it was destroyed/collected incidentally while doing a boss fight in the area causing a bad registration of the collection.

I will need to finish going through the remaining missing items manually to verify which items are still unobtainable, but, I have managed to 100% all but the top three collectible categories.

OK, I am meticulously going through things.

I have ALL but mixtape number one in the beginners area. It is not spawning in the truck and I remember vaguely collecting it earlier on in the game. Not sure how to fix that. I have ALL the Other tapes.

I lucked out on the Dalahastar. I got all of those. I do wish the map/game would properly track the locations and collectibles a bit better, but that is a feature request and outside of this bug report. Thank goodness for the fandom wiki, whoever contributes there, thank you!

On the Tradgardstomtar I will need to go through and figure out which ones are missing exactly.

If there was a way to extract the save game file from the playstation and send to you, I could do that to get the issues fixed, but, without eliminating everything it is not a good idea to prematurely approach that angle. Unneccessarily resetting corruption where none exists begs for more issues.

I had a similar problem on PS4. Here’s how I solved it:

  1. Back-up your save game.
  2. Delete the local save game
  3. Get the tapes which should all be there now and will count towards your platinum.
  4. Redownload back-up.

I got them all yesterday. Apparently google and youtube are not necessarily a reliable source for information.

How is it Sherlock Holmes put it, Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.

Your steps might need to be stickied though.

I did find that the coordinates were off on some of the fandom wiki points, but a developer could go through the coordinates list and verify accuracy with a direct game extract from source code. I had to refer to youtube to sort out some of the discrepancies and it does appear some reconciliation needs to occur

What gets me is that not all the collectibles count as collectibles on map location points. And further frustrating is that not all map locations show up on the map. I think it has to do with some of the real world references and permissions, but I could be incorrect.

Going through things I am finding it great that efforts are made to make every single location with stuff a location with a collectible.