Collectibles with missions


I had an idea during the last contest…COMPETITON: Design A Generation Zero "Dalahäst" - Winning Submission to be Added to the Game! I knew the submission wasn’t good enough win the contest but I still think the idea behind it was good so I will submit it here for your feedback.

They should have missions or objectives connected to collectibles. My submission was a Dalahäst with a map on it but they don’t have to be so obvious. They don’t even need to be official missions that show up in your log. They could just have hints, riddles or something in their description that lead you to do, find or just see something.


I really like the idea. I would love to see some puzzle challenges where you get hints through things you collect that will lead you to new hints - perhaps a bit like a treasure hunt. Challenges where you’ll have to apply your intellect to deduct the solution. It could be triggered by collectibles like @kakarron suggests, or it could be well hidden notes, a message in s bottle picked up at the shore, some words written in blood by a dying soldier, etc. Like a mission that requires more than following a waypoint and shooting machines.