Combat Perfectionist Challenge not Progressing

PC Singleplayer

I am trying to complete the “Combat Perfectionist” challenge, and I am stuck on tier 2. I have repeatedly opened my game, entered a combat, taken out 2 or more military runners, and ended the combat, without taking damage or healing, but the game will not acknowledge my progress.

Steps to Reproduce:
1-Open game, whilst being on tier 2 of the Combat Perfectionist challenge
2-Enter combat
3-Destroy 2 or more military runners
4-End combat without taking damage
5-If you experience the bug, you will not have progressed in the challenge.

Full guide here: Guide: "Combat Perfectionist" challenge

Also, Tier 2 isn’t about taking out 2x Military Runners but instead 2x Military Hunters. Do read the pop-up correctly though. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the clarification.

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Since there was a confusion about which type of machine to kill, there is no bug with the challenge. Instead the challenge works as intended. Due to that, added proper tag to the topic and with confusion cleared, i conclude the topic as solved and also lock it, to avoid possible follow-up off-topic replies.