Combining Items in Inventory

Definitely need a combine items option for our inventory (XBOXONE)

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I know on the ps4 you can move an item like bullets, med packs etc onto another stack and they combine, surely thats the same for xbox?

No they’ve just been swapping slots instead of combining. We can combine things like medkits flares to their max of 5 but only can do it by moving them to the D-pad slots.

On pc you can only combine so many into one stack, kinda confusing what ammo goes to what gun as some don’t say lol. I just stack as much into one slot as possible and drop the rest to keep room for whatever I might find. Strange if xbox doesn’t stack ammo!

Yeah it’s currently not able to Stack the ammo at all. It only swaps

Huh, maybe that’s a bug of some sort then? I know pc got a patch or 2 today so hopefully you’ll see a fix soon

Hopefully! I can Atleast combine items that are able to be slotted in the D-pad controls

try to unload the ammo from your gun, combine the stacks, then reload it.This is what we have to do on PC as ammo doesnt auto stack into the gun when you pick up ammo of the same type…
hope this helps cheers

Only can combine it by dropping the two same Ammo types on the ground then picking it back up, only works that way atm

Uggg…hopefully the dev team fixes the ammo situation ASAP. honestly fixing that would fix 50% of the issues in inventory almost immediately. Cheers, and happy hunting!