Coming back after a long time

After leaving the game a couple years ago and being very active on this game in the past, I came back to it today and it’s a different game so far, very proud of how this game has turned out !! :grin:


You’re in for a treat. I had the same experience some time ago, when my savegame was destroyed. Took a break, and then replayed the entire game. :sunglasses: I’ve also occasionally taken a 1-2 month break, when some things weren’t working properly, and until they were fixed.

Actually, now is a good time to replay the entire story, since the starter missions have been completely redone, and with the additional DLC missions (FNIX Rising and Alpine Unrest), it gives a whole new dimension to the game to play these from start to end.

There are so many new things to explore and do now - including base defense, base assault and rivals. :grin:

Another great thing is, that Steam has a sale right now, so all DLC can be acquired rather cheap. :+1:

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Welcome back @Tudds! If you have any questions regarding new content, ask away :+1: