Command Bunker Network floating window



Platform: Windows 10 desktop pc

**Description:**I hadn’t played in a few weeks and there was a December, 2020 update. Most weapons in my inventory had their ‘attachments–scope, ammo, etc. removed’. Now there is a constant window saying ‘Command Bunker Network…stuck on the game screen’.

**Steps To Reproduce:**Start game

Images / Videos:

**Host or Client:**My computer, single player

**Players in your game:**Just me, single player

**Specifications:**Don’t know what you are asking here. The update has really scrambled my game.


Well, what you describe is that in the Log -> Main Missions menu, you have that specific mission as “Tracked” and you also have in Settings -> Always Show Objective in “ON” position.

To get rid of that screen:

  • either track another mission
  • disable tracking for this mission
  • switch “Always Show Objective” to “OFF”


Thanks for the quick response. I think the multiple changes from the last update messed up several things in my game. However, your solution to track another mission worked well. Thanks.


With it, i conclude the issue as solved and lock this topic.


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