Command tokens bug!

I gained 10 tokens and had them for about 40minutes, then my game crashed and they are gone😶

I don’t suspect this is necessarily a bug per se. If you didn’t hit a save location in the meantime (like a safe house) then it could crash without autosaving. Or if the primary save got corrupted, it would fall back to the last good save, which is from the previous session.
This is why you want to visit safehouses once in a while, just for the sake of autosaving.


They keep disappearing and re-appearing. So I have no idea what is causing it, it could be after I join someones world who has 0 points and it bugs to mine. But, I have no clue.

Any chance you are changing characters at any point? If so, i think ive seen mention somewhere that the tokens are for some reason locked to the character you got them on.

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That’s a good point…let me check.

Your a genius :joy: it’s exactly that.

Bug has been resolved :joy::joy:

I would say whoever even discovered that is the genius, not me. Im just passing along information i believe to be useful for others.

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Well thank you anyway. You have reliable sources :joy:

Glad to hear things are working :+1:

Since the issue was solved, I’ll tag and close the report.