Command Tokens in Coop?

i play coop with a friend and i wonder about two things:

He is the host and can transform FNIX-Bases in Resistance-Bases.

I am his ‘guest’, have 20 tokens, but can’t do this (no message, when i’m heading to the correct spot).
So that means, i can’t do anything with my tokens in coop as ‘guest’?

No possibility to trade them to my friend or use them anyway? :thinking:

Isn’t there an option in the multiplayer settings to allow clients to build? Could this help?

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I know I helped destroy a base the other night and after it was complete, I got 10 more tokens. But I didn’t try using them to build anything on his map.

Hi Madchaser…
I can build things, when the base is there (builded from host).

Also, the host can allow to share the building-inventar and the disassemble…

But i can’t build the base itself… So my 20 tokens are useless?

As long as your just playing as client, not as host (even not alone in your own game), yes.
I wonder if it should be intentional. Or at least an option.

You can see it from different angles.
Maybe the host of a public session don’t wants the clients to claim certain bases.
On the other hand the host could have not enough command points to claim a base and a client wants to support him.

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The argument regarding public makes sense…
But it would be nice, uf the host gets an option to allow it to the guest i think… :slight_smile:


I personally do not want any guests building or disassembling anything I have built on my map. Because I want things the way I want them and not done by someone else. So, if it was an option for other players to use their tokens in on my map, I would turn it off and block them.

When I am a guest on someone else’s map, I will help do repairs to the base after we finish a base defense. If the base is already badly damaged when I join, I will not help repair it. Again, host should rebuild to their own specs.

That’s true for public games.
But if you just play with 1-3 friends every time there could be a demand to be able to support each other in any way.

Therefor it should be an option.


Now it shows the real struggle…

After 4 freed bases, i have 60 tokens and the host still have 0…

No chance to build up a own base… :frowning:

Me and my friends almost always play coop with me as host and I think it would be nice if they could use their tokens in my world. And I know that they would feel the same since they never play solo or host.

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Does someone know the rules, which player will get the tokens?

Now it‘s ME 90 / HOST 10

In general both/all the same.

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Exactly this.

A friend of mine hosts our game, every single time. We ONLY play together, every single time we play the game. So why should I, as a client, be unable to contribute and build? We are playing TOGETHER 100% of the time, but the game locks me out from doing things. It’s such a stupid design and I really wish there was an OPTION to give clients the same access as the host if we want to.

I really hate when games put limitations on clients. It’s so frustrating when you always play together with your friends. Not everyone plays with random people online.

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