Commando specialization


if you set up many gas cans near a car and then detonate it all with a rocket does it do 15% damage bonus to all the things there? like the car does 15% more, each gas tank does 15% more and the the rocked etc

Or just the rocket?


Just the rocket man. Thats the damage that actually come from the player. The rest is “world damage”.


But yea, a follow up question on that.

If the tank is attacking another player you can get it to stagger, as in it was actually unaware of you.

  • Will the 15% extra damage be applied to all stagger attacks? Or just the first.

  • Or If I alternate between two targets?

  • How long timer until my next attack on a target is considered my first attack?

Became alot of questions… :smiley:


Corrected topic title.


As far as i’m aware, Commando works when machine is in unaware state (“Calm” in Tech View). If machine is engaged in combat, it isn’t in unaware state and thus, the bonus doesn’t apply, regardless whom the machine is targeting.


I guess there are two interpretations of “unaware”.

Unaware as a machine state,


Unaware of a certain enemy making an attack.


And testing it out is very difficult.



Would be much easier to read the code.