Community Rebuild -PS4

I am trying to rebuild the Generation Zero Community on PS4. The largest community had an owner who changed his group title to Mortal Kombat XI Community and straight up abandoned 4.2K members without warning and suddenly deleted it. I took the original group title and am trying to rebuild it from scratch, we are at 46 members so far out of the 4.2K. If you ever need help with Generation Zero on PS4, join this community and we will assist you. Thank you and happy hunting! PS: Sorry if you were part of the community that was deleted by the owner.


I was really confused when this morning when it notified me:

‘New posts in Mortal Combat community’

At first I thought it might have been hacked, but I quickly noticed that the GZ community just disappeared.

Very hmmm.

Anyway thanks for rebuilding it! :slight_smile:


Np, my pleasure. If you can please help me rebuild it. The stronger the support, the sooner we can be a loving community again.

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It’s been a while but is the community still active?

What type of community do you refer to?
The biggest community i´ve found is the “Generation Zero Online” with 3.243 members.
But half of it as usually are kids and beggars :sweat_smile:
But there are all types of people there, me including.
There has been a lot of activity in the last 2 days.
The others communities seem a bit abandoned but some will have people for sure.

Honestly I’m just looking for a ps4 community that has active people that I can play with when I get on. I like to meet new people and talk games. I have 140+ games installed on my ps4 so if you have one you can add me if you want and we don’t necessarily have to play GZ.

Hello, I’m playing on ps4, how do I join your community?

Try here

Thank you, but Discord is unclear and inconvenient. It is unclear how to find new acquaintances there to play GZ

I don’t have any friends in GZ, I want to join!

Well it’s a simple process Nikolai - just have to register then pop your PS Name there say your looking for players. Check back now and then.

Thank you for your help!

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