Community requests update - No ping icon

As the title says, on PS4 and PS5 there is no ping icon at all.

Just when watching on the map there is a new icon, but just called as “DEFAULT”.

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It’s the same for me on PC/Steam, the ping doesn’t show up in the game, there is only a sound being played and I can see it when I open the map.

I found the solution why I didn’t have a ping icon, and I will test on…

In the games settings the option “poi-symbols” was turned off. After turning it on I finally got an icon.

For what else is this option? Which symbols can be turned on/off with that? I know, I had a reason to turn it off, but I can’t remember.
Is it intended that the ping feature is bound to that option?

Hi. I can’t get the ping to work.
How can i set the ping?
It shoud be the left stick (pressing) but this is runing or wallking!

Which system do you play on?
On playstation it’s a short press of the button where the emotes wheel is on (L1).

On PC it’s the G key.

Ok, but we are talking about Ps4 and Ps5.
On Youtube it was the left stick L3 but that doesn’t work.

Oh damn. That works.