Community Requests Update - Patch Notes

I just have time to like the post. It all sounds good on paper, but let’s test in game play!

Over 20 radios, no luck so far. Wondering how close the machines need to be next to the radio?
Do we need to kill them unseen? And I suppose that we should find the skin on the killed machine.

During the stream he said, that the droprate is quite high, so that we don’t have to grind for hours to get them all.
Maybe the event just isn’t active, yet?

Another question is:
Do the machines just have to be next to the radio/boombox or do you have to lure them while being undetected before?

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Well I stopped for now I have no more radios now. I tried stealthy which is hard, and because of the randomness I could have been unlucky. I try tomorrow again. :coffee:

That doesn’t work for me on PS4. (No Icon, No exclamation mark)
Didn’t test it on PS5, yet.

The companion reacts to the commands.
Tested it on open range next to lilla hammarnäs.
Is there a maximum distance or some limitations for the command? In many cases the companion refused the command.
And please improved the shooting accuracy of the companion with rocket launcher.
I assigned him a target (Wolf) on open range and my companion attacked it, but none of the rockets hit the target, just the ground about 20m before it.

for the random during gameplay crashes, have you ironed out most of them (that you know of) or all of them (except for the motorbike one). An idea for the motorbike one is to (I am not sure if you do this already) reduce the number of polygons the further away you are from it. It would reduce the stress on the graphics card and stop it from getting overloaded with polygons. I am no dev and I don’t know how to implement it and whether or not it would fix it, that is just suggestion and you can use it if you want.

Love the new encomberment HUD!

It’s a big radius! No you don’t need to be unseen. The initial chance is rather low but there is a bad luck protection on it so you’ll eventually get the skins!


The event is active and we have drops confirmed by community members, I was mistaken when I said the drop rate is high, what I meant to say was that you’d eventually get the skins because there is bad luck protection, so at some point the chance is 100%

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I have 3 of the 5 new skins.

Fair bit of grinding so far.

Walked in to a few fields had them all in under an hour i used boomboxs and rpg with a lmg

I did a base assault and dropped radios whilst doing it and got all 5 quickly

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I did a baseassault and killed some roaming machines and had 4/5 within an hour.

Btw… After a second baseassault and then fast traveling, I’m currently waiting for more than 10 minutes for the game to finish loading.

On PS5 there is no Ping icon, too.
Just when watching at the map, there is a new icon after making a ping:

I answer myself. No, that’s not possible, too.

Thanks! Could you please make separate bugreport posts for the ping issue AND the 10 minute loading time issue so we can properly investigate? thanks!

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Hi everyone, before this update did anyone else find the heavy flash skin when killing rivals ? I remember hunting rivals with my friend after the february 2023 update and he got the heavy flash skin and we were super confused because the skin wasn’t mentioned in any of the patch notes and we couldn’t find anything about it on the internet.

It just was temporarly in the game (accidently?) and got replaced by an other skin.
Those, who got it, just we’re lucky.

Oh, didn’t know it got in the game accidently.

What exactly do you mean?
I didn’t notice any change.

Is it intended that it’s that cheap?
Weren’t the first four levels much more expansive?

Just played for 5 more minutes now and got the 5th (Whiplash) from a roaming seeker without using a radio or boombox.

One more undocumentated feature (return):
The normal firework box is back in lootpool.

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Additionally we can now see all our carried weapons in that screen, but weapons that can’t be augmented are greyed out.