Companion armor can't be stored

As stated, there is no way to store companion armor. I made 10 extra sets so I would not have to worry about crafting them later, and I cannot store them.

There is no way to store them I can find, so now it is just taking up space and clogging up my weight.

Serious oversight, in my opinion. Please fix.

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I even don’t know why we have to carry them, If we cannot apply them to the companions on the go?
In this case they could also just be stored in the station.

Btw. one thing you could do is storing them in the companions inventory. That’s the only way of getting it out of your backpack.
Not that it’s a good solution, but for now it should help you a bit.

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That is actually a great idea for a temporary solution, I will do that for now. Thank you!

This actually seems to be a good thing, that was not clarified at any point… It seems if you store the armor on the companion, they automatically equip it if one set runs out. Go figure, good mechanic that is just not well explained.

I’ll take it!


Really? Didn’t test it yet. Great!

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I don’t think this is the case - at least for me it doesn’t work that way.

I’ve had plenty of companions being shot down, first armor, and then they get disabled, even if I have stored 4-6 pieces of additional armor on them. :grimacing:

I’ll test it later.
At least it would be really cool.
That’s the way it should work.
That would give the companions storage additional sense.

Nevertheless, I want a companion station for my bases.

@SR_Carni please think about it, it would help those, who lose their safehouses frequently, sooo much.

Yeah I tested it further and it seems I was mistaken… For some reason some pieces just vanished from their inventory and I misunderstood what happened.

Back to the drawing board…